Attorney Turned Dog Trainer



Austin_DogLove is a dog trainer now. "I used to be an attorney." "Oh, this has to be more rewarding." "Yea, someone actually listens to me now."


      I met this nice lady today.  Her dogs were exceptionally well behaved.  She told me that yes, these were all her dogs, but added that she was a dog trainer.
      “Oh,” I said, “And what were you in your past life?”   (I’ve discovered that many of us in the pet industry have had other careers previously.)
      “I used to be an attorney,” she said.
       I laughed. “Oh, this has to be much more rewarding.”
       “Yes,” she said. “Someone actually listens to me now!”  

You can find more of the adventures of these four and their mom/trainer/legal defender on Instagram   @Austin_DogLove.

I don’t know why, but their photos remind me of a KISS poster from the 70’s, with Mr. Snuffleupagus, doing a photobomb.





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